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Idea For A Flash

2008-10-15 18:46:13 by IrishChrisman

So an idea for an animation popped into my head, seeing as how I lack Flash I thought I'd post my idea up here.

Zoom in on a large skyscraper into the basement. This reveals a mundane call bank, a plain woman picks up the phone, and "Welcome to Newgrounds how I may help you?"

"A slightly high pitched, frantic voice replies, "Hi it's about my Gold Membership, I paid the fee but-

"The fee has been raised sir."

"Oh god, I can't afford an increase!"

"Very sorry sir but that's policy."

Cut to a pathetic man sitting on a foul looking chair, he's surrounded by junk and is currently typing franticly on a diminutive keyboard.

Shot to the screen reveals he's checking his profile, its light blue with several categories ranging from Friend lists, Pivot and music. The man watches in sadness as his profile reverts back to the standard, an off-parlour shade of blue, the man groans when his friend list is reduced to only 100 friends.

"This is madness! My friends will teach them who's who!" He roars in triumph.

He clicks the forum button , then attempts to select the General (coloured white) button. *UNAUTHORIZED ACCSESS PLEASE UPGRADE TO GOLD TO JOIN THE FUN* flashes in light red.

He stares in dismay at the screen, speechless.

The man slouches through a dirty apartment, various NG related paraphenillia dots the walls. He returns to the computer room wih a notebook and small pen, he begins writing/drawing feverochly.

Cut to several days later, there is a noticeabe buildup off grease on the mans shirt. He is shown clcicking onto Internet Explorer whilst revealing his desktop background, a logo of Newgrounds (light orange and white with an atrociously cute rendition of Alien Hominid's baby/bastard child, a log bears the saying, "All for all!"

The man clicks the submit page where he pays the mandatory 1$ submission fee then attempts to load his animation. A profanity laced rant against having the fee raised intercut with terrible drawings of various Japanese cartoons characters created using the same notepad and pen on the man's chest) he submits the piece, eagerly panting as the loading bar increases. The screen then flashes the now familiar *UNAUTHORIZED ACCSESS PLEASE UPGRADE TO GOLD TO JOIN THE FUN* message flashes across the scene. The man goes to his account page where he sees, to his horror a small ĂˆBAN message flashing in his chat box,

He clicks the box, sweating profusely. A message appears, 40 day ban, profanity (15), attempting to defile the wholesome name of (25)" U Guyz remember Pico, that guy as hella gangsta."

He sits there, deflated. The notepad on his stomach begins to toss and turn as his breathing increases.
He tears out of his computer room and begins a rampage. His bulletin board (self described, "Kawaii corner) covered in various atrocious fan drawings of Alien Hominid thrown to the floor. He picks up a small wooden figurine of a pumpkin and uses it to smash his various figurines to pieces. Pieces of cheap plastic and poor quality paint litter the ground as the man stands there, heaving. He runs into his bedroom and tears off all his stickers of Happy Faic throwing them into a pile. The man (now clearly enraged) runs to his fridge and returns to the chaos of his living room holding NG's official drink Grounderade. He opens every can pouring it onto the pile of stickers. He's now sobbing tears of infinite disappointment, and hatred. Several smashed DVD cases later he sits on his chair, sobbing. The computer begins to beep. The man glances over; his eyes intensify as he sees his nemesis Tom Fulp. Fulp is a large man, now 45 and having gone through several divorces he stands at a weight of 300. He begins to drown on, clearly aware of his sites change. The man looks squarely at Mr. Fulps face crying, it's when Tom makes some atrocious crack at a rival website the man breaks. He begins to moan and sob, clearly hating himself. Now Tom has become excited, he sways slightly when he talks pointing to a projector screen he proclaims, "Welcome to Newgrounds!"

So what do you think, anyone want to animate this beast?


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2008-11-18 10:56:07

you suck


2008-11-18 10:57:13

light sucks dog shit


2008-11-18 10:57:34

join the dark side


2008-11-24 16:14:06

Lmao, Kevin wtf does that have to do with anything. (Kevin is shadow 22310)