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My guinea pigs probly going to die.

2008-09-30 19:47:45 by IrishChrisman

Hi NG. My guinea poig (Shorty) is acting lethargic with crust around his eyes, we believe it's an upper respitory disease. We've had him for 3 or so years and he's pretty awesome pet. What's happening in your life?

Edit: He's not sick anymore....sweet!


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2008-09-30 19:59:12

guinea pigs normally don't live for very long...

But i can understand if your feeling sad.

Don't worry took Good Care of him...

And in my book...that means "Good Karma"

Always Remember..what goes around...comes around...maybe not "right" away...but it always does.

You were a good owner...and you did everything you could.

But everyone and everything has to lose his life sooner or later...and at least you've made his' life comfortable and happy ^^


2008-11-18 10:58:54

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2008-11-24 20:33:43

I'm glad his illness cleared up.
I can't beleive this SHADOW guy has the guts to say that. You should bann him from your paige


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