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Red Bulls.

2008-05-24 21:47:11 by IrishChrisman

Hey NGers. I just got back from Ottawa. Been exploreing and partying the last two days there, so now to rip of countless other new posts.

DAY ONE, y hallo there

Got up six o'clock to catch my bus, I stayed at the very back with people I didn't know. Mostly reading and watching movies. When we hit a pit stop I jumped out to Shoppers Drug-Mart. There me and Chris bought the greatest movie, The Iron Giant.. We got into a disagreement with some people (" Why'd you buy The Iron Giant?" , "Why not?"). Then hopped back on to Ottawa.

Got there and met up with my Group (number eleven) and met up with a bunch of awesome people ( some ones from the disagreement above too).

We had dinner, then the majority of us went swimming. There was a Dance going on but I only caught the end of it along with my group. When it was over Group 11 gained it's new name. The Red Bulls. We got the name from are habit of drinking large amounts of Red Bull. So many energy drinks we got them banned. After drinking caffenated drinks Group 11 went to catch the Dance. A girl objected to us drinking so she earned the nick name, Red Bull Girl," and various curses.
Then we stumbled off to bed.

The Meat-Day Two

Got up, had breakfast. Then went to several museum with the notable thing being the museum of war. In there there were honest to god Catholic School Girls. The stereotyped image and more. Then we saw some tanks. Had another sweet Dance where one of Red Bull Girl's friends rejected me (I coughed, "bitch," when I left)

Last Day-Day Three.

Went to Quebec, then went home. Really really early and now I'm back. I'll add more soon.

Random Thought Of the Day.

Why do 08s' review so much?

Oh, Uh, Uh

2008-04-14 21:12:51 by IrishChrisman

Today at 9:05 I broke my, forum slow down message." virginity. I feel good as I really want to rack up more posts as the last year my posts have increased sluggishly.

Oh I'm thinking about doing some sort of choose your own adventure thing in my User Page. Ie, fight the spider go to entry 52. What do you think about it?

Life on the Sixteenth.....

2008-01-16 20:30:51 by IrishChrisman

Meh, I have to go in early with my science. I misplaced it and got my ass yelled at. Besides that I'm thinking about going age-less. If no on e on NG knew my age anymore they can't make sereotypes against me. Right? Comment your opinion on it.

I believe I'll make a hate/ good list of various things in my life.


-Meet The Spartans, Ugh Terrible loooking movie.

-Mcshine, Biggest noob I've seen. This chicken shit must be 11.

I Like

Seven Sieze.- Great, Nice Mod. Keep up the good work.

Jade The Assasin- Almost like Seven although you seem slightly harsher to the ideots of the site. Thank you.

HOLY-FUCKING-SHIT- Funny as hell.

Christopherr- Awesome guy, is really good at argueing for his cause in the Politics Section.

Jezus- Funny as hell and great talking to him on MSN.
So should I go age less. Please respond.


2007-12-29 20:57:21 by IrishChrisman

Christmas was good(Guitar Heroe). But I got banned. Normally when I do its short but this time three days. So I lurked, but on the last day of the ban .Until I found this.Never have I been filled with such an urge to post except I was banned. So I have seen the light, I will never post in a topic I was pretty sure wasn't spam ever again.Cerealy.

Hello World

2007-09-01 10:15:42 by IrishChrisman

So school starts in 3 days. I'm nervous but it had to happen so whatever. Bye!